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Sana Group’s team of professional engineers, administrators, technicians, and workers are crucial to the on-time, first quality delivery of services and solutions to our clients.

Our work is based on strong common values: Professionalism and Innovation. These values are reflected in the quality of our projects. We strive to provide goods and services to the highest international standards. We constantly search for best-practice solutions and products to innovate and improve our performance.

To ensure that all staff and employees are performing with the right skills, knowledge, and attitude, comprehensive training programs are conducted periodically to upgrade and improve technical and management skills. This is done with the objective of ensuring that staff are able to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently and to the required standard.

We are dedicated to your success

Mr. Alaa Alghadban

Managing Director

Mr. Mouin Alghadban

Operation Manager

Ms. Rebecca Oni

H.R Manager

Mrs. Reem Kurbaj

Finance Manager

Mrs. Santosini Patro

Accounting Manager

Mr. Tameem Darweesh

Logistic Manager

Mr. Majdi Nasr

Purchasing Manager

Mr. James Adeyi Taiwo

HSE Manager

Mr. Kosai Abo Hala

Architect | 3d designer

Mr. Sagea Sakr

 Technical Manager

Mr. Anas Qtaish

MEP Manager

Mr. Mulham Abou Hassoun

Quality Controler

Mr. Shadi Alghadban

Branch Manager – GHANA

Mr. Alaa Alsalman

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Salem Abou Tafich

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Yaser Alshamah

 Senior Project Manager

Mr. Alaa Kashwar

 Project Manager

Mr. Ehab Naeem

Project Manager


Project staff


To properly manage each project, Sana Global Projects Ltd assigns trained teams consisting of project managers, surveyors, accountants, secretaries, storekeepers, safety officers, quality inspectors, and heavy-duty machines operators to strictly control all site activities. To guide these team, Sana Group has developed extensive procedures and policies to ensure consistent performance across all projects. These assist to the project team to work consistent with agreed schedules, planning programs and conforming to the best quality control procedures.


Technical and Engineering
Support Department


All projects, starting from estimation through to handover, are supported by design, shop drawing and quantity surveying services provided by experienced professional engineers and consultants.


Quality Control Department
& Laboratory


Quality Control staff inspects all materials before use at projects against contract and purchase order specifications. They also test all site-produced elements in our in-house Laboratory using up-to-date instruments. These critical inspection and testing interventions are implemented based on the Company Handbook defining quality control and assurance procedures.




Construction material must always be stored under controlled conditions. Before use, hand tools, machinery, and equipment must always be in ‘good working order’ in order to ensure desired result on site. Dedicated Store Keepers maintain meticulous records of all company stocks to ensure ready availability as needed by projects.

“Our projects are resourced with the right team providing an enjoyable experience for all participants. This promotes proactive work ethic and encourages staff to work and grow within the company. “


Operation department


The Group depends on the strong set of individuals making up the Operations Department. Operations Department working closely with the Logistics Department, ensures that the day to day “basics” of running a business go smoothly. They provide the internal interface between all group companies and functions. An especially important responsibility is their handling of the heavy-duty machines and equipment needed at project sites. Efficient, on-time performance is dependent on reliable, well maintained machines. Operations Department ensures that essential task is done and done right. Constantly monitoring improvements in machinery technology, they are able to guide Procurement Department in defining the purchase specification for new CAPEX. Prior to delivery, they ensure that our in-house maintenance team receives proper training to understand the recommended OEM maintenance program. At delivery Operations arrange for machine operators to be trained by the OEM in the proper operation of each machine. All project managers can rely on Operations to provide the CAPEX resources necessary to fulfill contractual commitments to clients.


Procurement & Purchase Department


The Procurement and Purchasing Department has 2 distinct tasks that complement each other. One objective is to locally source for quality contract-compliant products working successfully within project budgets. But in this responsibility “purchasing” does not mean buying from the cheapest supplier. Within this responsibility is accountability to meet specifications and availability. Procurement staff is trained to understand specifications and “or-equal” alternatives. They are acutely aware of the impact their performance has on the success of a project. The second task is to address the needs of our trading arm. This requires understanding inventory holdings, overseas shipping times, and the need to maintain positive relationships with key suppliers. They consistently demonstrate expertise in all these critical aspects of the task. The additional benefit to SanaGroup and our clients is the ever increasing awareness of new products, improved products that may be of interest to our clients or potential clients.

The Market now looks to the leadership of our successes, made possible by the expertise of our Procurement Department, in introducing efficient new products and technology.


Finance Department


Cash flow, client and subcontractor relationships, banking relationship, vendor relationships , and employee relationships are influence in varying degrees by the performance of Group Finance Department. Efficient management of Company cashflow is esstential to the ongoing operation of all aspects of the Company. Project contracts and subcontractor contracts are first vetted by our experienced Finance Department at pre-contract stage. They ensure that commercial terms offered are realistic. At this stage they also ensure that the offer from SanaGroup company is complete and with costs in-line with current market conditions. Post contract signing, Finance establishes a presence at each site monitor expenses and revenue using strict measures depending on in-progress reports and organized archives. With our trading companies, Finance ensures that Purchase Orders are processed in time to ensure product availably as required. Physical inventories are routinely conducted to ensure that inventory assets are properly stored and managed.


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