Safety, it’s in our DNA

At sana group project Limited
both quality and safety are
of prime importance

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Experience quality

“Sana Global Projects Limited
upholds the belief of Safety First”

We take pride in our track record of delivering projects safely and without loss of manhours. We have qualified and trained safety officers in all our sites for maintaining safety at all times. We undertake Risk Assessments before we start a work, conduct Job Safety Analysis and undertake adequate safety precautions before we commence work at any site. Our daily Tool Box talks and safety drills are a must at every site. We are committed to working safely in all our sites and do not undertake any unsafe act. since inception, incidents are very rare and not very serious. Incident is being recorded, analyzed and prevention recommendations are followed. We train our safety officers and staff regularly. We follow the safety procedures and our staff is trained to recognize a safety issue and plan to Eliminate, Substitute, Mitigate and Control any unsafe act.

At Sana Global Projects Limited both Quality and Safety are of prime importance. We are committed to deliver to our client’s projects undertaken by us safely while upholding quality.

We take security very seriously

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Eye and face protection

triangle  Safety glasses or face shields are worn during operational works.

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Foot protection

triangle  Construction workers wear safety work shoes during operations

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Hand protection

triangle  Workers wear the right gloves depending of the job requirements .

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Head protection

triangle  Anyone on site must wear an helmet


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triangle  Workers on scaffolds are trained to respect specials scaffolds security instructions.

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Electrical safety

triangle  Special precautions with the power line are taken on site to maximize safety between workers, machinery and electric equipment.


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Floor and wall openings

triangle  Any opening bigger than 12 inches are secured on site.

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Hazard communication

triangle A list of hazardous substances used in the workplace is always available on site.

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Crane safety

triangle  Cranes are restricted from operating within 10 feets if any power line.


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